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The evolution of the Kitchen.

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

The kitchen.

The kitchen has evolved into a kind of space that is very different from the kind of kitchens most of us had our meals in when we were kids. No doubt, back then the kitchen had a definite function to the home and to the family, and was almost always separated from the other living spaces of the home with walls or doors or both.

Nowadays, kitchens play a more diverse role in the family life. They are multi functional. Besides the obvious cooking, baking and washing up, kitchen are now a place where kids do their homework, guests like to social and dance. The kitchen even doubles as a makeshift home office or classroom.

For example, this kitchen needed a dedicated baking station, a large enough island to entertain and be connected with the dining space, easily accessible bottom drawers and a deep sink.

The retaining wall was reconfigured by a qualified team and yours truly reconstructed the rest. The result? An inviting and all welcoming entertaining area.

The open concept kitchen naturally draws people together creating a blurred line between the formal dining area and the place to prepare the meal. The greatest benefit here is that the cook is no longer isolated but gets to be a part of the party.

Makes sense that if that wall between the living and cooking space comes down, the kitchen must experience a sort of renaissance. It’s got to not only be functional, it must also reflect the home chef’s character and needs in its’ new multi purposes.

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