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2021 Kitchen Trends

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

My go to great kitchen? Classy and timeless all the way.

PLEASE NOTE: This blog installment will contain amazing kitchen images that may inspire AND activate you!

Lots of Quartz

Harder than granite, this stone is durable and grounds your kitchen.

Big Island with Pendant Lighting that makes a statement

No wonder everyone loves the island.

Its versatility is endless – from food prep, rolling out dough, doing homework, tax returns (and you know how much you space need for that!), entertaining and of course lately a home office.

The pendant lighting over the island brings a certain elegance to this space.

I think it takes it from the everyday function of direct lighting to the ‘wow’ factor - elevating your space’s style.

White Cabinets with Great Hardware AND a slick and efficient Vent Hood

Easy to clean and easy to look at. It’s just a great classic look...

As the natural stone grounds your kitchen, the vent hood anchors your cooking area by drawing out the excess and unwanted smells.

Investing in an efficient and powerful vent hood is one of the best investments for your kitchen. Your nose will thank you.

Lower Cabinet Drawers AND Handle-less Design

For easy access to pots and bowls. This is a truly great and highly underrated feature....

Clean lined cabinets - seamless and minimalistic with touch-release drawers.

A Big Sink, Blingy Faucet, counter to ceiling Backsplash mixed with

Floating Shelves with Reclaimed Wood

The farmhouse sink is so very useful. Big pans and pots fit easily in these sinks to fill or wash and most importantly, because they are deep, they hide the dirty dishes!

A part from having a brick wall for a window view (can't have it all), this kitchen nails it.

Most of you have seen those gold, copper sink faucets and other elegant accessories.

The benefits of this type of faucet surpasses its functional means.

This backsplash counter to ceiling layout stands out and can't help but add personality to your kitchen without commanding all the attention.

It's trendy now to shop locally for wood pieces - especially reclaimed wood and furniture antiquing. There you will find your next inspiration for a kitchen storage unit, a table, a countertop and even some floating shelves – the opportunities are endless!

The Pantry

Whether you are interested in a pantry space to serve a purpose, be organized or add aesthetics to your kitchen, the pantry is becoming more and more popular as we are trending towards ‘bulk’ buying and using eco-friendly storing – going back to the good ole days of having a pantry with a modern twist.

I’ve been buying bulk now more than ever myself.

Oh, and a pantry can never be oversized!

Hope you're inspired!

What's your next kitchen project?

On to mine...



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