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How to create a great Basement Bathroom

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Why it’s a great idea – Tips to consider

My memories of basement bathrooms have always been, plain, damp and the floors were always cold! They looked like an obvious afterthought – however functional.

These days, they are anything but. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to luxury and bliss!

Tip #1: Will the bathroom be new to your basement?

If no, skip to Tip #2. If yes, read on.

You will need to higher a plumber to set you up by way of: drains, sewage for the toilet, plumbing vents, piping, sloping the floor to drain. It will get messy and noisy – but it’ll be worth it. Remember, that extra full bathroom will add $$$$ to your home!

Tip #2: Ventilation

Starting at the top of your new bathroom, because your basement usually carries more moisture (as per usual) than the rest of your home, investing in a quality vent system installed on the ceiling of your bathroom is crucial to keep away mold and dampness after normal use.

Tip #3: Lighting

A mixture of soft and bright lighting is key. Waterproof pot lights in the shower to a vanity mirror that adds extra lighting if necessary, all contribute to the ambience of your bathroom. This way you can make it as bright or as ‘soft’ as you’d like.

Tip #4: Flooring

Heated floors is the way to go. As we all know heat rises, so you heat the floor, you are adding a permeating heat throughout the room. It’s comfy and inviting and you never shiver coming out of that shower (added bonus: burns off the usual dampness felt in this space)! These days, installing heated floors are easier and easier and cheaper and cheaper. Your feet will thank you! The cost for the upkeep of heating the floors are efficient and therefore minimal.

This space will add value to your home and decrease traffic of your upstairs bathroom(s) - you can make this space a permanent guest bathroom.

Interested in seeing what a great basement bathroom reno can look like for you?

Read on for tips on how to make your bathroom warm and inviting.

Some close ups: the tiling, thermostat, vent timer,

accent vanity mirror light and check out the pocket door!

Oh and the before:

I was very happy with this basement bathroom remodel.

  1. Vent – put a timer on the vent. This way the vent keeps doing its job when your gone and will stop automatically.

  2. Colours – walls remained neutral, the tiles were of an earthy colour and natural wood for the vanity.

  3. Accent shower wall – always a plus. The herringbone turned out beautiful – but it is one of the most challenging tile patterns to lay.

  4. Vanity mirror – golden trim to add some bling and luxury to the space.

  5. Glass doors – easy to install, easy to clean – as opposed to anything else.

  6. Rain shower and hand shower – for the luxury factor.

  7. Heated floors – need I say more?

On to the next project ....


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