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Living that Pandemic Dream! A Contractor's own reno.

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

My workshop.

Like all of you, I'm living that pandemic dream! While living the dream, I found myself with some time and took a good hard look at my workshop.

There were some areas that just didn’t make sense and didn’t function well on the day to day and then some areas of this workshop that were just perfect.

Aside from the massive table in the middle of the workshop, I decided to embark on a serious overhaul🏿. I wanted to achieve functionality with accessibility of my tools, heavy machineries and other toys. It was hard to reach for these when they are piled up and hidden behind each other. I was acquiring more and more equipment and found myself just placing it wherever. It just wasn’t conducive to a productive work environment.

So, I organized (and had a chance to clean all the equipment), changed the flooring, the walls and added much needed sound and weather protecting insulation.

Next was the fun part – rebuilding my workspace (shelves, countertops, drawers).

Lastly, I needed a separate workspace for my planer and for my next toy - a spindle sander. I decided on building a flip top. I could not be happier with the outcome.

Now to the other fun parts, purchasing some new equipment (the spindle sander) and putting it to good use! Looking forward to many more days of renovations, remodeling, designing and building!

On to the next project …

You looking to remodel? Let Radian help you with your reno solutions!


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