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A bathroom before and after - how a contractor adds space.

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

When we purchased our 1980’s home, sadly we inherited the 80’s tiny ensuite. Adjacent to this ensuite was a decently sized walk-in closet.

Since we barely own any clothes, we decided to expand the bathroom by taking down the adjoining wall into the walk in – resulting in the doubling of space.

(kidding about the clothes, a fourth bedroom was actually converted into a very abundantly sized walk-in closet – stay tuned)

The challenges? There was one. Although the space was bigger, it didn’t necessarily lend itself to a ‘free standing’ shower and tub. So, we combined them.




- The tub was placed furthest in the space or next to the exterior window (where the heat vent was located).

- The tub was built on a slightly elevated platform. This helped to keep the water away from tub area and the heat vent.

- The tub’s floor had an ever so slight slope that would encourage any puddles to drain into the shower area.

- The shower floor itself was built with a slope that drains to a draining system built close to the wall as opposed to the middle of the floor.

- A full glass sealed enclosure was installed to ensure that water didn’t spray into the dry area of the bathroom (vanity and toilet).

- The floor design was very intentional. It draws your eyes to the freestanding tub and chandelier which is the centrepiece of this bathroom.

- The flooring also provided another purpose. The brown porcelain was anti slip – great for getting out of the tub and taking showers.

- Custom vanity was designed to capture all available space - no wastage here.

Et Volià!

A perfectly functioning and posh en suite. It has lots of space, natural lighting, natural materials and sophisticated fixtures.

On to the next project …

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